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Home Service Discount Program

Give your clients access to exclusive home service discounts

Through our Home Service Discount Program, your moving business can add value to your services and generate additional income with no cost and no effort.

After you complete free enrollment, you can instantly begin offering your clients a popular value-add leave-behind from Connect Your Move℠ with exclusive pricing and promotions for:

  • Cable TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Cable and DSL internet
  • Home security and automation
  • Home phone
  • Solar energy
  • And much more!

Whether you work with movers, quoters, destination services, or other customer types, our Home Service Discount Program has exactly what they’re looking for. Your business will earn money when your customers purchase home services through the discount program!

Just One Call To Move It All

Help your clients save on the brands they recognize and trust

Our Home Service Discount Program is powered by ConnectYourHome®, our trusted parent company that helps people shop and compare offers from all major brands with one free, five-minute phone call.

ConnectYourHome has helped more than 35 million people nationwide save on their home services since 2000.

Enroll today!

Enrollment doesn't cost a thing but will pay big dividends for your moving business

Don’t miss out on one of the easiest, most effective opportunities you’ll find to add value to your services and bring in more revenue for your business.

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